God First

Having the right priorities is so important. The Bible tells us "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." in Matthew 6:33. The Bible is our ultimate revelation of the character of God and He wants us to know Him.

Good News

If you have important news, then you would want to tell someone ..... But .... If you had life changing news you would want to tell everyone. Here @thehavenchurch we have the good news that God himself came as a man, Jesus, to give us a new life, a second chance and forgiveness for all of our offences towards God. Restoring our relationship with God and securing our eternity with Him.

Knowing More

Having a relationship with someone takes time and effort to get to know them more. A relationship with Jesus is no different. Not only are we invited to know Him but also to get to know Him more and more. The Bible calls this discipleship. A life long process of discovering God's character and how much He loves us. Here @thehavenchurch we encourage everyone to know more about Jesus because it has such an amazing impact on our lives.


Here @thehavenchurch we believe family is important.  We not only commit to support all of our young families but we regard the whole church as family. In our church family old and young worship and serve God together. 
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